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Klaus Wiese - Trance Wave I

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Track Listing

1. High Flying Cranes  21.32 
2. By the River  7.16
3. Lift Off  12.29
4. Dragon's Tale  5.08 
5. Innocence  2.32
6. Purity  5.00
7. Body Talk  7.45
8. Dark Amber  5.48

Total Time:  67.30

Trance Wave One is the first of three albums about the stages of Trance. The subject of this album is “Light Trance” as an entrance into the 'World of Trance'.

Further albums will widen and deepen the aspects of Trance into the essential levels of the self.

All three CD's were tested for several years in co-operation with therapists who work in the field of trance-induction, that were slightly changed for individual use.

Trance Wave One has its focus on a sphere, which is commonly known as alpha-wave space. This results in a mostly unnoticed re-tuning of mind and emotions, which are experienced as a general relaxation.

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