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Krishna Das - Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga

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Track Listing

1. Bhajelo-Ji Hanuman  13.07 minutes
2. Namah Shivayah  07.15 minutes
3. Ma Durga  09.44 minutes
4. Hara Hara Mahadev  04.32 minutes
5. Mountain Hare Krishna  08.05 minutes
6. Hanuman Baba [Dub Farm Re-Mix]  07.24 minutes
7. Shri Guru Charanam  05.56 minutes
8. Devi Puja  10.15 minutes
9. Mere Guru Dev  05.37 minutes
10. Brindavan Hare Ram  06.11 minutes

This album gathers tracks from all of Krishna Das' five previous CDs and includes a brand new track and a rarity or two.

Also included in the package is a FULL LENGTH DVD Documentary One Life At A Time that traces his evolution into the chant master of American yoga (NY Times).

As he reflects in the film "I didn't even know there was a (spiritual) path never mind that I could be on it."

Together this specially priced CD and DVD present a full and captivating picture of the transformation of a seeker. It should be noted that prior to 1995 Krishna Das had no public persona.

All the more remarkable then that this unassuming searcher would evolve into a conduit of Bhakti yoga tenets to allow others to relate to themselves.

As Ram Dass remarks in the film: "Krishna Das and I are puppets dangling at Mahara-ji's (their spiritual leader Neem Karoli Baba who passed in 1973) behest, doing what we do with out attachment. I guess we're doing ok because we haven't been fired"

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