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Layne Redmond - Invoking the Muse

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Track Listing

1. Radiant Pleasure

2. Moon's Lament

3. Hymn to the Muse

4. Sweet Desire

5. Whirler

6. Uma

7. Proclaimer

8. Seven Heaven

9. Golden Hive
In her most inspired recording to date,Layne Redmond offers listeners Invoking the Muse—a landscape of haunting melodies and mesmerizing layers of rhythm and harmony dedicated to the power of the Muse. While researching the ancient music of Greece,Layne Redmond—Drum! magazine’s 2002 Percussionist of the Year—discovered the searingly beautiful “Hymn to the Muse” written in 157 AD,and was inspired to create a musical tribute to each of the Nine Muses.

Some of the most renowned names in world music,jazz,and Medieval chant join Layne Redmond on this stunning collection,including Laurel Mass?,co-founder of the Grammy® award-winning Manhattan Transfer; Ruth Cunningham,who performed as a member of Anonymous 4 for ten years; Steve Gorn,whose flute opens Paul Simon’s recent album; and master percussionist,arranger,and producer Tommy Brunjes.

The Muses taught the use of intuition and prophecy as a way to self-knowledge—a knowledge that is gained through self-induced trance,meditation,singing,and dreaming. Now,on Invoking the Muse,listeners will hear the echoes of the Muses themselves in these powerful sacred hymns that are sure to open the heart and invite transformation.

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