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Lex Van Someren - Beyond

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Product Code: CD861
Price: £15.99

Track Listing

1. The Great Purification  07.32 minutes
2. Winds of Heaven  07.47 minutes
3. Ewish  05.32 minutes
4. Sky of Grace  06.17 minutes
5. Shangrila Ballad  04.26 minutes
6. Keeper of the Gate  05.25 minutes
7. Lavender Hill  04.30 minutes
8. Ascension  04.50 minutes
9. Belladona  05.13 minutes
10. The Church Within  05.32 minutes
11. Rising High  03.29 minutes

Total Time 60.40

Normal Price: £13.99

A Solo-Album by Lex with many new songs in his mystical soul language and with two songs in English.

A new dimension of higher consciousness in music.

The magic voice of Lex van Someren, that reaches 4 octaves, and his inspired compositions invite the listener to open up the heart for deep soul-memories.

This is transcendental music for meditation, relaxation, inspiration and healing-work.

Also check out Lex's demo CD in our New Arrivals, only £2.00!

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