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Lex Van Someren - Mystic Fire

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Track Listing

1. The Miraculous  05.11 minutes
2. Be Still and Sing  04.54 minutes
3. Mystery  06.40 minutes
4. Rose of the Morning  01.30 minutes
5. Mystic Fire  06.46 minutes
6. Child Within  03.49 minutes
7. Voices of the Mountain  02.40 minutes
8. Temple of Light  08.59 minutes
9. Sacred Journey  06.10 minutes
10. Be Still and Listen  01.59 minutes
11. Celtic Dream  11.59 minutes
12. Fear A'Bhata  07.29 minutes

Total Time 68:06

Normal Price: £13.99

With "Mystic Fire" Lex has created a new jewel among his many CDs.

An aesthetic piece of art of great serenity. The warmth, transparence and expressive power of Lex's non-verbal vocals and choiring in combination with an intriguing expansive instrumentation awaken a mood of reverence and awe.

Gentle flowing melodies are building an ever deepening contrast with powerful sounds and rhythms. Especially in the song "Celtic Dream" - a highlight of this album - these contrasts are leading to a breathtaking musical experience.

With a singing voice which has gained new qualities in its spectrum and expression, Lex van Someren guides us through different worlds of aspiration. This music evokes a relaxed state of heightened awareness.

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