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Lex Van Someren - Ocean of Love

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Track Listing

1. Seeker of the Mysteries  06.31 minutes
2. Trust your Angels  02.58 minutes
3. Angels Rushing In  01.44 minutes
4. Forgiven  06.49 minutes
5. Scarlet Angel  04.55 minutes
6. Allahee  06.29 minutes
7. Scarborough Fair  04.01 minutes
8. Path to Peace  09.32 minutes
9. Shakone  06.44 minutes
10. Letting Go  03.30 minutes
11. Eternal Spring  02.41 minutes
12. Svenja  10.57 minutes

Total Time 62:16

Mystical music with a classical touch.

Lex's ability to find inspiration in the melodies and rhythmical elements stemming from a wide range of continents and eras as well as from unique effervescent sources is brought to full fruition in this musical work.

Here, thanks to the arrangements of Frank Steiner, the pieces on this CD have been mainly woven together with a strong classical influence.

This music is an impelling call to humanity for all people to open themselves for that Love which heals all. The musical pinnacle of this collection is "Path to Peace", full of beauty and radiance.

All those in search of peace are gently guided through joyous musical spirals to find strength and courage along their shared paths.

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