Living Theater Vol 2 - Joseph Baldassare

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Track Listing

1. We're All Beautiful  06.15 minutes
2. Tiempo  06.06 minutes
3. Red Sand  03.46 minutes
4. Fresh Aire  04.26 minutes
5. Sweet Johnny  03.51 minutes
6. Lily's Lounge  04.50 minutes
7. Since You Came to Town  03.51 minutes
8. Whispers  04.27 minutes
9. New York City  03.30 minutes
10. Voulez Vous  05.53 minutes
11. Pleasure  04.17 minutes
12. West Coast  03.32 minutes
13. As Tears Go By  03.10 minutes
14. The World Is a Stage  04.59 minutes

Joseph Baldassare once again brings together the most exciting singers and musicians from around the globe to work on his original compilation, Living Theater, the only compilation written as a compilation in the chillout / lounge scene.

The Living Theater series on Kunduru Music, consists of original songs written, arranged and produced by Joseph Baldassare, not licensed tracks compiled by a DJ.

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