Manic Organic - Ganga Giri

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Track Listing

1. Giri Mana  06.22 minutes
2. Boombliwa  04.10 minutes
3. Anyway, I tell  07.40 minutes
4. Slide didge in us  09.09 minutes
5. Afro Charlie  06.26 minutes
6. Dubee  04.49 minutes
7. Boombliwa (extended)  08.34 minutes
8. Spirit  08.08 minutes

Pumping percussive didjeridu cooks hot creating a mixtured - textured blend of indigenous technorganica.
For this project Ganga enlisted the help of electronic wizard & world music producer Don Peyote to write, record and mix technological beats with the tribal sounds of the Australian bush.
Don Peyote studio was then situated on a mountain top at the foothill ofWilson's Creek rainforest in northern N.S.W.
This magical and exotic location provided the inspiration for most of the tunes as well as a plethora of natural sounds (birds,frogs and insects ) which were used on the album and recorded by putting a microphone outside the front door.
Didjeridu, percussion and vocals by Ganga Giri.

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