Medicine Song Volume 2 - Gnostic Chant CD & Lyric Book - Ani Williams

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Track Listing

1.0Ruach Ha Koidesh   05.18 minutes
2.0Eloha Elohim   06.16 minutes
3.0Bath Kol   04.57 minutes
4.0Bnai Elohim   04.30 minutes
5.0Mariham   06.02 minutes
6.0Zohar Hadash Zohar Metsuloth   06.10 minutes
7.0Sa Sekhem Sahu   05.07 minutes
8.0Arirang   01.08 minutes
9.0Kwan Yin   05.03 minutes
10.0Sophia   04.14 minutes

Ancient Hebrew, Egyptian and Aramaic chants inspired by the Pistis Sophia Gnostic texts and dedicated to Sophia and Mary Magdalene's praise song. This album is an inspiring and important tool for transformation and healing.

The enclosed CD features harp, vocals, Egyptian flutes, violin and dumbek, taking the listener on the path of Sophia-Maria as she chants in the languages of light, calling her Beloved home.

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