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Miten with Deva Premal - Soul in Wonder

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     Track Listing

  1. through the eyes of an angel  4.50

  2. lokah samasta  10.16

  3. calma e tranquilide  11.10

  4. awakening  5.21

  5. humaniversal  3.39

  6. twameva  3.17

  7. ?y high / om shree rama  7.01

  8. you gotta move  3.24

  9. inarticulate speech of the heart  5.21

  10. free spirit (ashes to ashes)  5.10

  Total running time 59.29

SOUL IN WONDER sees Miten going back to his roots - combining the rock and blues of his youth with dance rhythms, chants, and mantras. It is, most of all, an album of stories - of wood smoke, banyan trees, and holy rivers in the moonlight - Of an artist reaching a level of acceptance - A true soul in wonder.

Over its ten tracks SOUL IN WONDER takes the listener on a journey. From the opening Eyes of An Angel, through the beautiful landscapes of Lokah Samasta and Calma e Tranquilidade, to delightful covers of songs by Peter Makena, Van Morrison and Mississippi Fred McDowell, and on to Miten’s own heartfelt compositions, Awakening, Humaniversal and Free Spirit.

From bansuri, along with a cast of musicians including Spencer Cozens from Joan Armatradings band, Canadian blues Grammy award winning artist Harry Manx, and London Community Gospel Choir star, Wendi Rose.

With SOUL IN WONDER the duo of Miten and Deva Premal portray two talented artists finding a new unity of purpose and acceptance, and inviting those who listen to share in that awakening.

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