Monsoon Point - Al Gromer Khan & Amelia Cuni

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1. Ambient Soundscape  55.31minutes 



Monsoon Point is superbly mellow and dreamy. Sitar player Al Gromer Khan combines traditional Indian melodies with electronic ambient music and has been practicing his art for over 20 years. This self-described 'Paisley Music' is mesmerizing. Deep, oceanic washes of sound, sometimes sparkling, sometimes smoky, characterize this music for the night. Amelia Cuni is an Italian born musician trained in North Indian classical singing and dance. On this recording she sings in a hypnotic, very ancient form known as Dhrupad, with the intention of divine communion. This record immediately and continuously helps create a magical, peaceful atmosphere that is excellent for deep contemplation.
Recommended for Reiki, Bodywork, Relaxation and Meditation.
(Now rereleased and also available as part of a special price 3 CD Set: "Essence of Well-Being".

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