Mudra - The Gesture - Moods of Yoga

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Tracks 1-3 -Based on Raga Bhimpalasi, an afternoon raga. The music on these tracks carries the soft nuances of this time of the day, helping to calm one's mind and reduce mental and physical stress. Through meditation one can achieve self-awareness and serenity. 32.30 minutes
Tracks 4-6 - Based upon Raga Puriya Dhanashree, the mood on these tracks is perfect for achieving a heightened state of meditation. With its tenderness it can transport you to a place of peace and ethereal bliss, leaving you feeling energised and ready to face the challenges ahead. 31.34 minutes

Track Listing

1.0Inner Resolve   04.49 minutes
2.0Inner Resolve - Calm the mind 1   14.34 minutes
3.0Inner Resolve - Calm the mind 2   13.07 minutes
4.0Touching the Earth   06.24 minutes
5.0Touching the Earth - Energise yourself 1   15.36 minutes
6.0Touching the Earth - Energise yourself 2   09.33 minutes

The reflected afternoon mood on these tracks is perfect for achieving a heightened state of meditation, transporting you to a place of peace and bliss. Leaving you energised and ready for the rest of the day.
Satish Vyas on Santoor,
with accompanying artists: Bhavani Shankar (Pakhawaj), Fazal Quereshi & Mukundraj Deo (Tabla).

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