Namaste - Various Artists - 2 CDs

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Track Listing

Disc I

1. Returning to Now - Karunesh  04.52 minutes
2. Prabhupada Padma - Rasa  09.10 minutes
3. Blowing Zen - Devakant  05.44 minutes
4. Lotus Call Part 1 (Vajra Guru Mantra) - Buedi Siebert  07.31 minutes
5. Horizon of Gold - Ben Leinbach feat. Jai Uttal   08.33 minutes
6. A Sound Meditation - Benjamin Iobst   05.30 minutes
7. Calling Wisdom - Karunesh  05.32 minutes
8. The End of Suffering - Gary Malkin, vocals by Phap Niem  07.14 minutes
9. Inside the Heart - Buedi Siebert  03.07 minutes

Disc II

1. Introduction  04.03 minutes
2. Meditation -Terence Yallop  15.19 minutes


The beautiful music on Namaste is ideal for contemplation and introspection. In attuning yourself to the spirit of this ancient greeting, you can open the portals to your own radiant beauty.

On the second CD is a recorded meditation that will gently guide you from a safe place in nature to a meeting with your more real Self.

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