Natacha Atlas - Ayeshteni

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Track Listing

1. Shubra  05.41 minutes
2. I Put a Spell on You  03.43 minutes
3. Ashwa  06.02 minutes
4. Ayeshteni  04.57 minutes
5. Soleil D'egypte  03.11 minutes
6. Ne Me Quitte Pas  04.32 minutes
7. Mish Fadilak  05.12 minutes
8. Rah  06.21 minutes
9. Lelsama  05.52 minutes
10. Fakrenha  05.09 minutes
11. Manbai  07.42 minutes


The Arabic songs that make up the majority of Ayeshteni convey that trademark sense of yearning with equal immediacy. From the fluttering flutes and seductive sway of "Ashwa" to the melancholy gloss of "Mish Fadilak"; from the meditative immediacy and sonorous drones of "Rah" to the crisp, sparse Nitin Sawhney mix of "Manbai" that closes the record, Ayeshteni is emotionally consistent and compelling as anything Natacha has recorded.

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