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Nigel Shaw, Guillermo Martinez & Hiroki Okano - Bamboo Cedar Oak

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Track Listing

1. Traveller's song  05.37 minutes
2. Bamboo Cedar Oak  05.41 minutes
3. Pacific Atlantic  06.54 minutes
4. Spirals  02.38 minutes
5. Between brothers  05.07 minutes
6. Round dance  04.39 minutes
7. Mother's song  06.24 minutes
8. Father's song  02.59 minutes
9. Yumari  01.10 minutes
10. Wisdom prayer  07.19 minutes
11. The circle  07.41 minutes

The range of music reflects the diversity of ancient traditions on this earth and the realisation that, regardless of our different cultures, we all sing the same songs.

Instruments include: Native American flute, Irish whistle, bamboo flute, guitar, samisen (Japanese lute), frame drums, djembe, traditional rattles, and voices.

Guest musicians; Domenic DeCicco from Praying for the Rain - vocals and guitar.

Shaun Farrenden from Riven/Global - Tibetan Horn.

Carolyn Hillyer - vocals.

This beautiful and unique new album features Dartmoor composer NIGEL SHAW and two internationally renowned musicians from America and Japan, GUILLERMO MARTINEZ and HIROKI OKANO.

Together these three musicians from different corners of the planet have produced a rare and special collection of recordings that evoke a unity of spirit and a global sound.

The music moves between gentle flute pieces performed on three Native American flutes, traditional Buddhist and Native American prayers, and powerful drumming chants.

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