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Nigel Shaw - Dartmoor Journey - 2 CDs

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Track Listing Disc I of II

1. Wind Through The Reeds  21.39 minutes
2. Two Rivers  20.59 minutes
3. The Cry Of The Dart  21.45 minutes

CD 1 Dartmoor Journey is a musical journey created from a blend of natural sounds and ancient handcrafted flutes.

Amongst the many instruments used are the uplifting and clear voices of rosewood recorders; the deep resonant tone of the fujara (a 6ft long overtone flute from Slovakia); the powerful sounds of various native American flutes; and gracefully melodic Irish whistles.

Album length: 64 minutes

Track Listing Disc II of II

1. High Dartmoor  14.51 minutes
2. East Dart And West Dart  16.36 minutes
3. The Deep Dart Valley  16.20 minutes

CD 2 Dartmoor The Source is woven together from the natural sound recordings made on Dartmoor over the last 15 years. Moving from windswept high moorland to rich wooded valleys, this album follows the River Dart from its source to the edges of the Dartmoor National Park.

The recordings, which include the calls of the buzzard, skylark and heron, are interlaced with the gentle sounds of streams, rivers and waterfalls.

Album length: 47 minutes

Dartmoor Journey is a simple and gentle reflection on nature and the pure heart of the land.

This is a very special double CD which comprises of two beautifully presented albums, one featuring gentle and flowing flute melodies and a second of pure natural sounds of Dartmoor.

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