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Nigel Shaw - Dartmoor Roundhouse

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Track Listing

1.0Song of Oak   06.59 minutes
2.0Song of Yew   03.57 minutes
3.0Song of Thorn   04.32 minutes
4.0Song of Beech   03.56 minutes
5.0Song of Rowan   04.33 minutes
6.0Song of Alder   05.14 minutes
7.0Song of Elm   05.25 minutes
8.0Song of Holly   04.30 minutes
9.0Song of Scots Pine   05.03 minutes
10.0Song of Hornbeam   04.19 minutes
11.0Song of Ash   04.49 minutes
12.0Song of Birch   04.18 minutes
13.0Song of Willow   07.21 minutes
14.0Roundhouse Songs   05.30 minutes 

This beautiful new album features ancient flute songs recorded in a Dartmoor Roundhouse with instruments made from the wood of thirteen indigenous trees.

Each of the twenty or so flutes featured was specially made for this recording from indigenous woods sourced on Dartmoor.
Each flute has its own voice within the grain of the wood and each flute was recorded around the roundhouse fire, usually at night.

The result is one of the purest and simplest of recordings that carries with it the spirit of the Dartmoor Roundhouse and of our ancient ancestors.

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