Nigel Shaw - Seven Stones

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Track Listing

1.  Gateway  7.12
2.  Birth  7.00
3.  Hearth  7.09
4.  Broken Pit I  4.00
5.  Broken Pit II  3.26
6.  Altar  7.05
7.  Dreaming  6.51
8.  Sanctus  7.48


This is a beautiful and dynamic recording reflecting aspects of the sacred landscape both without and within. The seven movements are each a key for entry into the circle of life and each represents a foundation stone of our nature.

The music features richly interwoven melodies and rhythms created on native American cedar flutes, samples (including flutes, harp, ocarina, cimbala), synthesisers, drums and percussion, and voices. It is a journey of sound and movement inspired by and created on Dartmoor, an area filled with the power and beauty of nature.

The titles of the seven movements are Gateway, Birth, Hearth, Broken, Altar, Dreaming, Sanctus.

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