Nigel Shaw - The Lone Tree

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Track Listing

1. Voice Of The Well  15.34 minutes
2. Bird Spirit Land  15.13 minutes
3. Fire In The Night  15.40 minutes
4. The Lone Tree  15.27 minutes

They describe an elemental cycle as they move between the simplicity of solo flutes to more complex and dynamic arrangements.

As with the album SEVEN STONES, this recording draws inspiration from the spirit of Dartmoor, but also explores the mystery of all sacred land.

Total album duration 62 minutes.


This recording is based around the simple beauty and strength of wooden flutes, Cedar, Rosewood, Bamboo and Banyan flutes weave together layers of sound, accompanied by bells, gongs, keyboards and voices.

The album comprises of four movements, each of fifteen minutes: Voice of the Well, Bird Spirit Land, Fire in the Night and the Lone Tree.

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