Overtones Unplugged - Peter Govan

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Track Listing

1.0Overtones Soaring   05.09 minutes
2.0The Call   07.40 minutes
3.0Cradled   07.45 minutes
4.0Moonlight Weaving   10.08 minutes
5.0Mysterious Wind Gong   05.32 minutes
6.0Moonlight Weaving II   10.07 minutes
7.0Echoes of Hundai   06.24 minutes
8.0Farewell Song   08.02 minutes

This limited edition CD was recorded live without any recording studio post mastering, at Queen Anne High School stairwell, Dunfermline, Scotland in July 2003, just before it was due to be demolished. These overtone songs were ideas that came to Peter in the space and are a gentle collection of melodies, harmonium and harmonic wind gong that may grow and evolve in future.

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