P.M Yoga Chants - Russill Paul

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1.0By The Stream   10.55 minutes
2.0PM Dance   08.30 minutes
3.0Dream the Dark   10.02 minutes
4.0The Beloved   11.05 minutes
5.0Aarati   05.48 minutes
6.0Yoga Lullaby   10.39 minutes


Alongside the familiar practice of Yoga exercise is an ancient, lesser-known Yoga of Sound. Using spiritually uplifting music and powerful chanting known as ôkirtan,ö PM Yoga Chants will still your mind and open your heart, allowing you to experience peace, clarity, and joy.

An ensemble of evocative eastern and western instrumentation creates inspiring melodies and rhythmic textures. Simply listen, or chant along to be transported to another realm, giving you respite from the normal activities of your mind and activating your bodyÆs natural healing processes.

The compositions on PM Yoga Chants are mellow and soothing. They are based on traditional evening ragas, which will help you unwind and relax, preparing you for a restful and rejuvenating evening.

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