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Paul Horn - The Stillness Inside

Product Code: CD1659
Price: £14.29
Track Listing

1 Mini Voyage 
2 Enlightenment-Psalm 5 
3 Song For Peace 
4 Song For Rimsky 
5 Transitions 
6 Astral Travel 
7 III Soprano Saxophone 
8 XI Voice 
9 XII Bass Flut 
10 Initiation-Psalm 5 
11 Syrinx 
12 Rain Forest 
13 Song for Edward 
14 Voyager III 
15 Norbulingka 
16 Oche Cherrnouiye 
17 Initiation-Psalm 7 
18 Siciliano 
19 Interlude III 
20 Soul Travel

In 1968, Paul Horn slipped into the Taj Mahal with a flute and a tape recorder-and created an improvisational masterpiece that would signify the birth of a new genre in music. With a rare ability to capture in music the essence of sacred space, Horn went on to record a landmark series of albums in noted spiritual sites across the globe. On The Stillness Inside, this four-time Grammy® nominee shares for the first time his favorite compositions for the exploration of the sacred interior that each one of us holds within.

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