Paul Schwartz - State of Grace

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Track Listing

1. Veni Redemptor Gentium  05.34 minutes
2. Amazing Grace  06.42 minutes
3. Miserere  06.03 minutes
4. Veni Creator Spiritus  04.07 minutes
5. Auguries of Innocence, Pt. 1  03.51 minutes
6. Auguries of Innocence, Pt. 2  03.30 minutes
7. Be Still My Soul  05.02 minutes
8. Angelica  04.55 minutes
9. Simple Gifts  05.01 minutes
10. State of Grace  09.15 minutes


This album is a departure from the theatrical world of ARIA into the area of spiritual music.Consisting of mostly original compositions, Paul took latin texts and set them anew to create a kind of liturgical chant for the 21st century. Added to the mix are several well known hymns and some spritually inspired instrumentals. Lisbeth Scott is the passionate vocalist.

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