Planet Sax - Music Mosaic Collection

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Track Listing

1. Sawari - Prem Joshua  06.17 minutes
2. Trance Organic - Shapeshifters, Soundings of the Planet  06.12 minutes
3. Sigh,Maneesh De Moor remix - Praful  05.59 minutes
4. Elephant Dance - Yvon Mounier  04.46 minutes
5. Jodo Wassan - Kamal, Ariel Kalma  05.37 minutes
6. On The Beach - The Charmers  03.14 minutes
7. Sinuosa - Greg Ribot  05.23 minutes
8. Blue Joy - Ariel Kalma  04.56 minutes
9. Pyxie`Java - Didier Malherbe  05.52 minutes
10. Sorceror's Apprentice - Sudama, David McMahan  05.25 minutes
11. Sacred Sounds - Si  05.11 minutes
12. Sprouts - Parageet  05.09 minutes

Total Time 64.02

Escape the gravity of life with spirited saxophone tones:
World beat, Euro groove, Oriental, ambient trance, slow rock, tribal, Latin and even Bavarian inspired acid jazz!
Earthy dance tracks meld intricate instrumentals with sensual solos (tenor, alto), launching into stratospheric crescendos (soprano, sopranino) for a cinematic sound-scape.
Planet Sax is a groovy compilation by excellent musicians such as Praful (The Netherlands), Prem Joshua (Germany), Didier Malherbe (France), Ariel Kalma (Australia), Sapphron Obois, Richard Hardy and Greg Ribot (USA), playing the saxophone, one of the great instruments closest to the human voice.
From sensual Oriental moves to sexy slow dancing, may the saxophone stir your soul and undulate your body so you feel uplifted by this musical journey.

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