Prem Joshua remixed by Maneesh de Moor - Shiva Moon

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Track Listing

1. Darbari NYC (Diamond Turban Remix)

2. Shiva Moon (Intro)

3. Shiva Moon (Moon Nectar Remix)

4. Tangerine Thumri (Orange Turban Mix)

5. Bolo Hari (Bombay Lounge Remix)

6. Tilang Tantra (Temple Mix)

7. Saffron Dreams (Spice Shop Remix)

8. Omar (Purple Turban Mix)

9. Seventh Eclipse (Timbuktu Remix)


The beauty of acoustic Indian instruments such as the sitar and bamboo flute shines in a totally new and global light when expressed in Prem Joshua´s unique style and merged with Maneesh de Moor´s danceable yet sensitive groove and electronica arrangements.

Indian female vocalist Sanjana joins the two in creating a pulsating energy link between such opposite musical cultures as Indian Classical, Lounge and Trance.

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