R.Carlos Nakai - Talisman

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Track Listing

1. Song of Darkness 4.41 
2. Obsidian Talisman 5.32 - two flutes 
3. Coyote Calling 3.18 
4. Celestial Realm 4.07 - two flutes 
5. Sun’s House 5.06 
6. Glimmering Dawn 5.01 - two flutes 
7. Cedar Breeze 4.01 
8. Happiness Carries Me 4.02 - two flutes 
9. Tranquility 4.27 
10. White Shell Talisman 4.45 - two flutes 
11. Pollen Path 4.31 
12. Wisdom’s Edge 3.47- two flutes 
13. Sunrise Prayer, In Beauty 6.08
Total Time: 59.32 

Talisman celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of R. Carlos Nakai's first release, Changes, and returns to the pure, haunting sound of the Native American flute unaccompanied by other instruments. Talisman is a continuous soundscape as Nakai alternates songs for one flute and songs for two flutes in a rich tapestry of music so soothing, it unwrinkles mind and soul...

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