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Ram Singh - Har Ji: Mirror of the Soul

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Track Listing

1. Ong Namo 6.10
2. Har Ji 11.56
3. Har Har Gobinde 12.27
4. Ardas Bhaee Intro 2.18
5. Ardas Bhaee 11.42
6. Guru Ramdas 7.59
7. Mool Mantra Relaxation 13.21

Ram Singh grew up in West Africa (Togo and Benin), where he soon discovered the ancient science of Yoga and the sacred music of the Sikh dharma, but also various music traditions such as West African vibes and reggae.

Between 2003 and 2005, Ram Singh took part in 3 collective albums of mantras as a lead singer, guitar player and percussionist. This lead him to work on his own music projects.Ram Singh lives in Paris, France, where he teaches Yoga. He performs and teaches sacred chanting as a way to meditation and divine alignment.

After Har Ji, Ram Singh's new release is Eleven, mantras and sacred chants featuring sounds and instruments from various music traditions, such as cello, Ney (persian flute) and Nyabhingi Afro-Jamaican drums.

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