Rasa Mello - Donna D'Cruz

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Track Listing

1. Foto Viva [Brasilian Dub]  03.11 minutes
2. Mes Vacanes a Rio [Album Version]  04.11 minutes
3. Golden Brown  03.34 minutes
4. Float On  05.31 minutes
5. Sunshine [Groove Armada Sunset Mix Dub]  05.12 minutes
6. Desire [Special Edit]  03.14 minutes
7. Hope  04.12 minutes
8. Super Cluster  04.26 minutes
9. Clean Ocean  02.26 minutes
10. Vissi D'Arte [Album Version]  03.25 minutes
11. Sometimes  03.55 minutes
12. Theme from Harry's Game  05.11 minutes
13. Air and Angels [Album Version]  04.16 minutes
14. 40 Degrees in the Shade [Album Version]  03.09 minutes

Chill out Rasa Style in the vein of Cafe Del Mar, the Buddha Bar series and Ministry of Sound's, "Chillout Session." Conceived and produced by Donna D'Cruz, this exquisite, seamless collection of Balearic blissout tracks creates a relaxing and sensual mood for living and loving with music that is as at home at Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza, the Buddha Bar in Paris and at Bondi Beach in Sydney. Prepare to recline...

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