Rhythms of the Chakras - Glen Velez

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Track Listing

1. Morgaine  07.22 minutes
2. At This Second  07.21 minutes
3. First Light  07.09 minutes
4. Mary Magdalene  07.26 minutes
5. Health Music, Pt. 1  07.40 minutes
6. Giochi d'Acqua  07.33 minutes
7. An Easy Silence  07.19 minutes

Total Time 51.55


Each of the body's seven chakras is sensitive to particular tempos and sounds. Rhythms of the Chakras is a tour through these physical energy centers with Grammy-winning percussionist and composer Glen Velez. These seven intricate, irresistible drumming compositions evoke spontaneous movements and sensations that help focus mental energy and healing - on all of the chakras. Listeners chant along with vocalizations based on specific vowel sounds that are designed to increase the effect of the resonating drums.

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