Robert Gass - Chant: Spirit in Sound - The Best of World Chant - 2 CDs

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Track Listing
Disc I

1. Apache Honoring Song  02.07minutes
2. Qyria Yefeia  04.00 minutes
3. Gayatri Mantra  05.29 minutes
4. Gem Na  02.59 minutes
5. Allah, Allah, Allah  07.08 minutes
6. Ogun  05.03 minutes
7. Inuit Wedding  03.51 minutes
8. Hanohano E Ka Uka I Pihanakalani (Majestic Are the Uplands of Pikanakal  02.43 minutes
9. Kyrie Eleyson  03.05 minutes
10. Round Dance Song 1  02.41 minutes
11. Round Dance Song 2  06.26 minutes
12. Om Namah Shivaya  07.15 minutes

Track Listing
Disc II

1. Zuni Sunrise  02.40 minutes
2. 7th December 1988  04.05 minutes
3. Polorum Regina  04.09 minutes
4. Alyawm  05.03 minutes
5. Prayer to Hanuman  02.38 minutes
6. Hanacpachap Cussicuinin (God of the Heavens)  03.27 minutes
7. Peyote Chant  01.42 minutes
8. Ndere  02.15 minutes
9. Ezan (Call to Prayer)  01.55 minutes
10. Kali Bhajan  03.50 minutes
11. Hreshtakayin  03.12 minutes
12. Salve Regina  02.40 minutes
13. Heart of Perfect Wisdom  03.43 minutes

In this exciting double album package-Ecstasy: the fire of devotion and Stillness: the journey within-best-selling chantmaster Robert Gass (over 600,000 albums sold!) brings to life the remarkable world of traditional and contemporary chant with 25 tracks from the world's greatest chant artists.

Chant: Spirit in Sound - The Best of World Chant, is a powerful living experience of this ancient and universal art. An important tool used by people everywhere to heal the body, quiet the mind and bring the sacred into daily life, chanting speaks to modern audiences with a purity and spirit increasingly rare in contemporary culture.

With chants from Christian, Jewish, Budhist, Hindu, Islamic, African, Native American, Goddess, Shamanic and other traditions, Chant guides us on a journey to community and spirit.


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