Robert Gass & On Wings of Song - Ancient Mother

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Track Listing

1. Ancient Mother  05.38 minutes
2. Kali Bhajan  03.57 minutes
3. Yemaya  04.37 minutes
4. Lydian Dreams  02.46 minutes
5. Puna Is Dancing (Ke Ha'a la Puna)  01.35 minutes
6. Lady of the Flowing Waters  05.38 minutes
7. Mary's Keen (Caoineadh Mhuire)  03.05 minutes
8. May the Circle Be Open  03.10 minutes
9. Glad Woman (Boldog Asszony)  02.18 minutes
10. 23rd Psalm  03.31 minutes
11. Nah Bvey Hi-Lay (Women's Healing Song)  02.55 minutes
12. O Viridissima Virga  04.15 minutes
13. The Circle Is Cast  04.44 minutes

Total Time 48.17

The spirit of the Great Goddess comes to life as traditional female singers, priestesses and shamans from around the world are joined by the On Wings of Song singers.

An ageless and contemporary musical journey.

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