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Sayama - Chakra Sounds - 2 CDs

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Track Listing

1.  Root Chakra (Middle Sun Day) 5:30
2.  Sacral Chakra Yin (Moon & Neptune) 5:25
3.  Sacral Chakra Yang (Moon & Uranus) 5.25
4.  Solar Plexus Chakra (Sun) 5:05
5.  Spleen Chakra (moon notes) 5:15
6.  Heart Chakra (Heart tone = OM) 5:35
7.  Thymus Chakra (Pluto & hydrogen) 5:30
8.  Throat Chakra (Mercury) 5:30
9.  Cosmic transit (Saturn) 5:25
10.  Zeal Point Chakra (hydrogen & Venus) 5:10
11.  Third Eye / Pituitary Chakra (Mars & Venus) 5:40
12.  Crown Chakra (Platonic Earth Year) 5:35
13.  Transformations Chakra (Chiron) 5:10
14. Transmutations Chakra (Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron & Venus) 6:15

Gifted multi-instrumentalist Sayama (Richard Hiebinger) plays Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls, crotales, gongs and keyboards, Shakuhachi, Ti-Tzi, Bansuri and Indian flutes and percussion, bringing you into harmony with the vibrational frequencies of the 13 chakras by the sounds of the planets in our solar system.

On Disc 1, you will find an emotional musical journey into the holistic perception of energy qualities and potential of all 13 chakras of the Aquarian age. With uplifting melodies of flutes from Japan, China, India and North America.

On CD 2, the chakra sounds are heard in their purest form.  The CD is used for meditation, energy work, therapy, for soundbaths and for the production of planet-sound essences.

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