Sayama - Water Spirit

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1.  Platonic Earth Year, Sun & Moon  9.10
2.  Sun, Mars, Jupiter  7.57
3.  Sun  7.43
4.  Moon & Sun  7.07
5.  Platonic Earth Year, Venus, Moon note  7.43
6.  Venus & Mars  7.34
7.  Earth Day, Sun, Heart tone  7.48
8.  Platonic Earth Year, Sun, Mars & Venus  9.12


Gifted multi-instrumentalist Sayama (Richard Hiebinger) plays Tibetan bowls, tingsha, bamboo flute (Shakuhachi, Ti-Tzi & Bansuri), Indian flute, gongs, sansula and keyboards.

Water Spirit is an ideal accompaniment for meditation, energy work and integrated treatment. All the instruments are tuned and played according to the work of Hans Cousto who established the planetary frequencies. (Please see his book: "The Cosmic Octave")

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