Shakti Lila - Saravtar

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Track Listing

1. Adi Shakti  11.35 minutes
2. Pritvhi Hai  11.02 minutes
3. Munda Santok  12.05 minutes
4. Sat Gurpasad  11.39 minutes
5. Akan Jor  11.15 minutes
6. Antarjameh  11.42 minutes


This cd offers a journey through six Mantric Grooves for the awakening of Spirit, gracefully moving from the beginning to the end of an evolutionary cycle of human consciousness.

These ancient mantras from the sacred scriptures of the Sikhs and the tradition of Kundalini Yoga find perfect expression in the refreshing and soulful celtic-blues of Saravtar's angelic voice and choral harmonies.

The arrangements are upbeat, yet soothing and uplifting, embracing multiple musical influences and fused with contemporary and ethnic beats. Doorways to etheric realms are progressively opened through delicate ambient mixes, inviting the listener to join in, sing, dance and transcend. Several of these titles have been put to Shakti Dance Choreographies, a sacred yoga dance discipline, founded and taught by Saravtar herself.

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