Shamanic Navigation - John Perkins - 2 CDs

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Track Listing Disc I

1. Introduction  00.34 minutes
2. Stories of Shapeshifting  12.28 minutes
3. Types of Shapeshifting  07.20 minutes
4. The Four Steps of Shamanic Healing  11.02 minutes
5. A Time for Change  08.38 minutes
6. How Can We Shapeshift?  03.59 minutes
7. John's Personal Journey  16.59 minutes
8. The Lesson of Mahakala  09.12 minutes

Track Listing Disc II

1. Introduction  00.31 minutes
2. Journey One: Finding Our Mission  19.15 minutes
3. Journey Two: Going Deeper  12.40 minutes
4. Journey Three: Identifying Blockages and Barriers  07.43 minutes
5. Journey Four: Destroying the Barriers with Mahakala  11.27 minutes
6. Journey Five: The Seed  09.56 minutes
7. Journey Six: Green Tara  17.03 minutes

Total Time 78.39

On Shamanic Navigation, John Perkins invites you to experience a powerful and long hidden tradition for healing and transformation. Drawing upon his years of work with the Shauar tribe of the Amazon, Perkins shows how to access shamanism's "other worlds" to bring back the wisdom and energy that can literally transform the shape of your life. Includes six complete shamanic journeys with authentic drumming and percussion to help you develop your shamanic navagational skills.

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