Shastro & Nanda Re - Body Healing

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Track Listing

1. Body Flow  27.55
2. Body Bliss  13.48
3. Body Healing  20.53

Total Time:  62.36


BodyHealing - the fruitful collaboration between Shastro and shamanic healer/musician Nanda Re - was specifically created to support all healing modalities and to help increase one's sense of harmony with nature and with oneself.

Shastro's flutes are purposefully interwoven with Nanda Re's music tapestries, where cosmic and kinesiological principles are used to help unfold the full effect of the music tones. This unique sound experience is further enriched by the connection of shamanic knowledge and the power of mantras. 

BodyHealing takes place in a world of gentle rhythmic, flowing and multilayered sounds. Soft acoustic percussion with chill-out elements, singing bowls and bells, the sound of the ocean, tambura, harp and the orchestra strings lay the foundation for the soothing melodies of the cello, flute and oud as well as for the gently sung mantras, creating one hour of pure peace, spaciousness and tranquillity.

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