Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol 3 - Dakini Artists

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Track Listing

1. Makyo: Pashyanti (deeply dubbed mix)
2.  Ascendance : Marathon
3. Bageshree : Bhakti
4. Karsh Kale : Ashes
5.  Macchiato : Kenya AA
6.  Jaia: Evolving To Outside
7.  Essa : 3 Sundial
8. Jairamji : Temple


The third and final volume in Dakini's original compiltation series featuring original hand-painted artwork by Seisen Ito and 80 minutes of deep, groovy chill. 

Vol.3 has been two years in the making and features new tracks from regular Dakini contributors like MAKYO, JAIA and JAIRAMJI, as well as some fresh new artists and a track from Six Degrees artist (and Dakini fan) Karsh Kale

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