Snatam Kaur - Anand

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Track Listing

1. Guru Ram Das Raakho Saranaa-ee 7:42
2. Paramaysareh (Transcendent Lord) 7:22
3. Jap Man Sat Nam 11:09
4. Anand (Bliss) 7:09
5. Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam 7:52
6. Kabir's Song 7:19
7. Mul Mantra 7:55


On her latest release, Anand, layers of keyboard, harmonium, tabla, violin, sarod, bass and the dancing flute of Manose create an incredible landscape behind Snatam's ethereal vocals. This album carries a message of profound bliss and joy.

"Anand is the state of bliss that comes when every word that you speak and action you take supports the light and journey of your soul. " - Snatam Kaur

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