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Snatam Kaur - Shanti

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Track Listing

1. Ek Ong Kaar - Destiny  8.41 minutes
2. Dayndaa Day - Infinity  8.14 minutes
3. Aakhan Jor - Acceptance  7.09 minutes
4. Hariaa - Strength  12.19 minutes
5. Suni-ai - Listening Meditation  7.44 minutes
6. Suni-ai - Listening Celebration  7.20 minutes
7. Guru Ram Das - Healing  10.48 minutes
8. Ong Sohung - I am Thou, I am Peace  
9.11 minutes

Shanti, the Sanskrit word for peace, graces this album as its title and its content. Snatam Kaur's exquisite, soothing vocals evoke an inner and outer sense of peace.

 The subtle instrumentation enhances this experience. Rhythmic tablas beautifully support the chants. Piano, sitar, santur and flute melodies add a delightful element.

 The result is a luminous successor to her critically acclaimed album, Prem.

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