Soulweaver - Kalyan

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Track Listing

1.0Sahasrar Dul Kemal   09.47 minutes
2.0Eraknam Erachim   12.43 minutes
3.0Om Purnamadam Purnamidam   09.37 minutes
4.0Ghina Sahib-I-Dil   10.28 minutes
5.0A Bazira't Allah   08.40 minutes

Total Time: 50.56


Kalyan touches our soul with this exceptional debut album. Heartfelt and silky vocals interwoven with elegant instrumental arrangements create a mystical and soothing atmosphere.

Cello, flutes, guitar, vocals, dilruba and soft drums give the album a very acoustic and warm feel. This music is a great companion for Yoga practice, the healing arts or just for relaxed listening.

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