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Steinar Lund - Celestial Contact

Product Code: CD337
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Track Listing

1.0Celestial Eye   09.17 minutes
2.0Etheria   14.54 minutes
3.0Body of Light   11.38 minutes
4.0Spiritual Healing   10.32 minutes
5.0Glowing   10.23 minutes
6.0Gateway   05.48 minutes

Modern life is both fast and busy. Amidst the noisy hustle and bustle do we hear the inner voice of our spirit?

Take the time to relax, get comfortable, lift your eyes to heaven and listen to Celestial Contact.

Let the beatific beats and channelled choirs transport you to a place of well being whilst ethereal piano motifs encourage the opening up to the mystery of the divine.

Give yourself to the infinite moment that is now!

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