Steven Halpern - Crystal Bowl Healing

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Track Listing

1. Stargate: Invocation  04.22 minutes
2. Golden Alchemy  02.49 minutes
3. Egyptian Blue Infinity  04.44 minutes
4. Crystal Chalice  05.26 minutes
5. Binaural Entrainment  05.12 minutes
6. Celestial Highway  05.49 minutes
7. Tibetian/Egyptian  06.56 minutes
8. Crystal Angels  03.08 minutes
9. Crystal Healing  05.09 minutes
10. Sonic Satori, Pt. 2  05.29 minutes
11. Practitioner's Bowl  01.09 minutes
12. Time Being, Pt. 2  05.15 minutes
13. High Tuning Forks  01.26 minutes
14. Deep Bowl  04.10 minutes
15. Closing  00.31 minutes

Total Time 61.41

Crystal Bowl Healing features Crystal Tones classic frosted, clear, Egyptian Blue, Aqua, 24-K Gold and "tuning fork" bowls, orchestrated into a meditative tapestry.

Your journey begins with an invocation recorded inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and continues through a sequence of individual and multiple crystal bowls.

Additional compositions combine the sounds of the bowls with ethereal space music.

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