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Steven Halpern - In the Om Zone

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Track Listing

1.  Om Zone part I  4.45
2.  Tibetan Singing Bowl  0.31  
3.  Om Zone part II  4.45 
4.  Tibetan Singing Bowl  0.32 
5.  Om Zone part III  5.17
6.  Om Zone part IV  5.19 
7.  Japanese Temple Bowl  0.36 
8.  Om Zone part V  3.12
9.  Om Zone part VI  3.25
10.  Japanese Temple Bowl  0.36 
11.  Tomorrow Never Knows  4.52
12.  Om Groove part I  4.45 
13.  Om Groove part II  4.45 
14.  Om Groove part III  4.45 
15.  Om Groove part IV  4.45 
16.  Om Groove part V  4.45 
17.  Japanese Temple Bowl  0.36 
18.  Om Nama Shivaya I  4.40 
19.  Om Nama Shivaya II  4.40

According to the ancient Vedic spiritual traditions of India, "Om" is the eternal, primordial sound in which past, present and future are included. Om is considered to be the basic sound of creation, from which our world came into existence.

Many people love to chant with others at the end of yoga class, but are uncomfortable chanting alone at home. IN THE OM ZONE provides an instant 'yoga class' of backup chanters, giving new meaning to spiritually oriented, good karma karaoke.

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