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Steven Halpern - Tonal Alchemy

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Track Listing

1.0Pyramid Power   03.44 minutes
2.0OM Suite OM I   04.50 minutes
3.0Shakuhachi Alchemy   05.54 minutes
4.018th Century Tibetan Bowl   00.35 minutes
5.0Tonal Alchemy I   05.58 minutes
6.0Vowel Power   03.31 minutes
7.0Tonal Alchemy II   06.15 minutes
8.0OM Suite OM II   03.49 minutes
9.0Heavy Metal   00.42 minutes
10.0Tonal Alchemy III   07.25 minutes
11.0Tonal Alchemy IV   02.31 minutes
12.0Tibetan Gold   02.59 minutes
13.0Shambhalla   06.52 minutes
14.0OM Suite OM III   03.15 minutes
15.0Kyoto Temple Bowl   00.36 minutes
16.0OM Suite OM IV   04.50 minutes
17.0Inside the Great Pyramid   07.05 minutes

"Like a medieval alchemist who transmutes base metals into gold, Halpern is a musical alchemist who transmutes sound into the higher vibrations of healing and love."

Nurture your body, mind and soul with this breakthrough recording that combines ancient sound healing traditions with artistic creativity.

Tonal Alchemy features audiophile recordings of ancient Tibetan and Japanese temple bowls to clear the mind and transport you to the Silence beyond the "furthest away sound."

"OM Suite OM" (Parts I-V) features the primordial mantra, softly chanted. Steven's voice is transformed into a virtual "harmonic choir" and orchestrated with meditative keyboards. "Vowel Power" focuses on these universal sounds, which were part of the Curriculum of the Soul in ancient Mystery Schools in Egypt and Greece.

Tonal Alchemy begins and ends inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Listen with headphones, and you can feel the transformative power of the tone of the breathtaking Silence. The closing meditation is the next best thing to actually being there and experiencing it for yourself!

"Tonal Alchemy creates a spiritually uplifting ambience that will become a must-have addition to your personal meditation space."

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