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Sufi Soul - Echos du Paradis - Various - Double CD

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Track Listing
Disc: 1

1. Dastgah of Homayoun\Hassan Kassayi
2. Meditation\Sheikh Hamza Shakkur & Ensemble Al-Kindi
3. Dastgah of Shour\Khatereh Parvaneh
4. Devonah Shaw\Davlatmand\
5. He Has Not Come\Munadjat Yultchieva
6. Sheikh Ahmad-E-Jam\Mohammad Rahim Khushnawaz
7. Fangara Fangarie\Maalem Si Mohamed Chaouqi
8. Ashik Muslum Sumbul\Durnalar Sema'i\
9. Kafi of Shah Abdul Latif/Rag Lorrao\\Sohrab Fakir
10. Haqq Ali Ali\Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Disc: 2
1. Tekbir; Taleal Bedru Aleyna\Ercan Irmak
2. La Illah Illah Allah\The Women's Ensemble of Ferghana
3. Tala A Al-Badru Alaina\Fawzy Hafez
4. Saru Khani\Ostad Elahi
5. Dhamal Qalandar Shahbaz\\Husna Naz
6. Shakawtu (A Capella)\Musa Dieng Kala
7. Qasidat\Kani Karaca\
8. Zikr Hymn\Ahl-E Haqq Dervishes
9. Zikr Song\Qaderi Women From Kurdistan
10. Qalandari Tune (Khorasani)\Yar Mohammad
11. Kali Kamaliya Wale\The Sabri Brothers
Following Desert Blues and Road of the Gypsies, Network now presents the latest double CD in the exquisite high-format box. Sufi Soul has been created in close collaboration with Sufi experts Jean During in Paris and Peter Pannke in Berlin.

The double CD Sufi Soul is the first to offer a complete cross-section of some of the most powerful Sufi music all the way from Morocco to South-East Asia. The variety of forms presented here ranges from the delicately plaintive voice of Munadjat Yultichieva from Tashkent to the hypnotic staccati of the sorud -- a stringed instrument used in the Desert of Baluchistan to heal those possessed by spirits -- and includes the rattling breath-tones of the Dervishes.

Sufi Soul contains 21 titles (6 of them unpublished up to date), more than 140 minutes of music from Tadzhikistan, Uzbekhistan, Turkey Syria, Afghanistan, Morocco, Iran, Egypt, Senegal, Kurdistan, Baluchistan and Pakistan. It also includes a rare Japanese piece by Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, who has done more than any other individual to spread the qawwali -- the mystical music of the Sufi of Pakistan -- throughout the world. There are also some rare Ashik ballads from Turkey, dance-like devotionals by a women?s ensemble from Kurdistan, and trance rituals by the Moroccan gnaoua brotherhood as well as a very rare, 30 year old recording of the Iranian singer Khatereh Parvaneh.

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