Tantric Wave - Kutira & Raphael

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Track Listing

1. Remember Love  08.48 minutes
2. Feel You in My Body  10.13 minutes
3. Yamaya O Shango  10.16 minutes
4. Tantric Wave  21.09 minutes
5. Universal Lover..Healing Touch  06.40 minutes
6. Surrender  06.24 minutes

Tantric Wave
The Book Reader - Fall 1993
This album is immensely satisfying to accompany lovemaking, or uplift the soul. Synthesized strings and other instrumental voices on the first song wash into eager ears before human voices help ""remember love, the greatest healer."" Jungle drums are underneath, gentle but prepared for power, and they assist the entire ensemble to rise. Then fall back, relaxed, finished.
In ""Feel You In My Body"" tribal instruments establish a thrusting beat. Then chanting and sighing. There is an earthy exchange of feelings. About halfway through this cut, things slow to a near stop and wait, breathe, feel, and rest. It heads towards a sensual finish.
Highlights of this provocative CD include generous use of dolphin and whale sounds, and the testicular groaning of the ancient didgeridoo, an aboriginal wind instrument that flows right up the spine. Also of special interest is the appealing 20 minute cut ""Tantric Wave"" . Raphael & Kutira says it's just right for afterplay, but it can serve multiple functions. Melodies are ecstatic. Instruments are tribal, but they're stroked not pounded. A very approachable album.
Tantric Wave Ritual
Napra Trade Journal - Summer 1994
This album guides lovers through a journey of Tantric love making. Sensuous music, dolphin sounds, breathing, and song form the background for the experiences, while Kutira provides minimal instructions to keep the session moving. You should have no problems melting into each other with this tape. Instructions for the session are in the liner notes. - CW "
The soundtrack to Tantric Wave Ritual, a cosmic love song for Tantric union.

"Tantric Wave is the first and only production to thoroughly convey Tantra's beautiful multi-layered message. A seamless tapestry of ecstatic, spiritual-sexual love mood from loving invitation to thrilling finale of total surrender."

David & Ellen Ramsdale, Authors of "Sexual Energy Ecstasy."

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