Ten Minutes to Relax - Body - Paul Overman

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1. Program One - Body Scan  20.42 minutes
2. Program Two -Mountain Retreat  20.54 minutes

Paul Overman, Ph.D. a Transformational Coach, writer, and Psychologist, is an inspired speaker with fresh insights into the human spirit, the mind-body connection and our personal and collective potentials. For over 25 years he has presented seminars, workshops and talks on Transformational Psychology. As founder of his consulting firm QuantumLink, his expertise in Higher Creativity, Mind-Body Peak Performance, and Decision Making with Vision, has assisted many in transforming the past and creating new futures.
Paul is one of only five certified trainers by Project Renaissance in Psychegenics, a mind-body system considered by many to be one of the most comprehensive and effective creativity and problem solving disciplines developed. Paul also provides consultation to health professionals and clinics on the use of sound in stress reduction, pain management and healing. Through his individual and group coaching he gives consultation to people from all walks of life including artists, business managers, athletes, engineers and scientists. In his private practice he has become the ""counselor's counselor."" With a number of audio publications, his most recent was released July, 1999 by The Relaxation Company. This new release is a three-audio CD or tape program, based on guided relaxation imagery, titled TEN MINUTES TO RELAX: Rejuvenating Your Body; Freeing Your Mind; Renewing Your Spirit. Paul has also recently finished his book on dreams and transformation, and has launched his newsletter THE MILLENNIUM MIND Bulletin.

Dr. Paul Overman's Ten Minutes to Relax: Body is a guided meditation program that uses spoken imagery and breathing techniques to focus the mind's energies on relaxing the body. Overman's instructions are accompanied by gentle music composed by Jim Oliver, which enhances the calming effect. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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