Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati - Healing Sound Journey

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Track Listing

1 Monsoon Rain 06:29
2 Butterfly 05:56
3 A Walk in the Forest 06:07
4 Desert Moon 05:24
5 Wild Mountain 05:29
6 Call of the Deep 05:33
7 Bansuri Magic 05:40
8 Sacred Temple 05:18
9 The Weaving 05:10
10 Ocean Song 05:16
11 Celtic Land 04:37

Terry and Soraya travel the world giving concerts and offering various workshops. One of these workshops is called a Healing Sound Journey, guests are invited to lie down or sit comfortable, close their eyes, relax and listen, experiencing directly the vibration of the music in a space of deep peace and relaxation. In this beautiful space many people have reported they have come home to themselves and feel much more present and alive following the session. With this album we invite you to go on your own Healing Sound Journey.

Instruments on this album are Bansuri Flute, Pan Pipes, Concert and Alto flutes, Monochord and Bass Monochord, Tampura, Crystal Bowls, Sruti Box, Percussion, Keyboards and Vocals.

This album is perfect for the Healing Arts, is Very Relaxing and Great for Meditation Practices.

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