The Eternal Embrace - Baird Hersey & Prana

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Track Listing

1.0Ahimsa   05.14 minutes
2.0Satya   06.05 minutes
3.0Asteya   02.46 minutes
4.0Brahmacharya   02.53 minutes
5.0Aparigrahah   04.38 minutes
6.0Saucha   01.15 minutes
7.0Samtosha   00.56 minutes
8.0Tapas   00.51 minutes
9.0Svahyaya   01.09 minutes
10.0Isvarapranidhanani   01.02 minutes
11.0Asana   04.42 minutes
12.0Pranayama   04.05 minutes
13.0Pratyahara   05.19 minutes
14.0Dharana   05.40 minutes
15.0Dhyana   05.07 minutes
16.0Samadhi   07.25 minutes

The Eternal Embrace is a musical meditation on the Eight Limbs. It is an album of overtone singing with instrumental accompaniment; tamboura, gong, marimba, bull roarer etc. One instrument per piece. One piece per limb. Baird Hersey had recorded all of the instrumental tracks when he brought together the singers of PRANA .

After a year of performing "Waking the Cobra" with the group. He hit upon the idea of of arranging the sound of each instrumental piece for the eight voices of PRANA.

The result is a suite of pieces to find a deeper understanding of the meaning of each limb through pure sound. The twelve pieces are sung by the unaccompanied voices of Prana without text. Instead they use the perfection of harmonic intervals to bring the listener limb by limb to a deeper state of relaxation and peace.

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