The Healing Sounds of Didgeridoo - Binkey Kok

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Track Listing

1. Tuning In  05.29 minutes
2. Entering The Dream  05.56 minutes
3. Listen To The Heartbeat  02.12 minutes
4. Floating On Overtones  03.44 minutes
5. The Journey Flows On  06.09 minutes
6. Cleansing Waterfalls  02.28 minutes
7. Sparkling Deep Blue Dreaming  05.12 minutes
8. Healing Embrace  05.35 minutes
9. Raining Overtones  03.58 minutes
10. Whisperings Of Stillness  05.54 minutes

Total Time: 46.43

An Invitation to a Personal Spiritual Journey

This is your basic guide to the healing sound wonderland, using the therapeutic qualities of the didgeridoo (or yedaki).

This booklet tells you all about the wonderful aspects of this native Australian instrument, and the enclosed CD takes you on a splendid journey of ancient sounds, helping you to relax, to meditate and to recharge your batteries.

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